---Hospital, Allison; Full Name.

walking fog remnants
of an old relationship,
bow to beaten bow racks up the sentiment;
for the course of patience...
for the course to distance.

in the airvents i can hear them ****ing,
upstairs in the hallway nestled inbetween;
two tucking hands left gripping on the sofa sleeve
ever cautious people close their eyes, and just wish to leave;
reminding us that we are the only persons left
cumming up and going on through cheating majestics,
running through my hands i can feel her intentions.
in her gut lovely a kid wishes to grow and throw
up into the air a glass of celebration, now i sit
lonely in the black leather couch of a city library watching
kids go by whispering little tiny things from the corners of their mouths.
and their mothers,
and their mothers look like her.

in my name, or in my calling
i'll left my depths
at the shallow end and it's now i can see
the future that sits right in front
of me this heart and to this place
i'll end the only thing that requires me.
the two picked sacks of girls drifting
in and out of buildings parked longly,
i've got a nose to smell out the backpacks
full of designing book, but to me that's slim
or easy pickin's
and I've got a girl calling my name in Milwaukee.
such and such, is to this,
or money problems; bull****--

in this instance of redly elevators,
gushing blood down and out past our legs,
she grabs her stomach and wishes it weren't real,
pushing back and forth through her environment.
her body is telling, and her face is sadly stretching
from the shots she takes for her endometriosis.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

This is one of my favorite pieces I've read here. It really just tore up my gut, man, and that doesn't happen often. I'll have an eye out for you.

If you get the chance,

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, have an "eye" out for me. Thanks, I appreciate you young guns looking out for me.
wowzers you should post more often1 you have alots of potential

****. This did it.

I'm sorry I can't think of anything good to say.
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