I have a Squier Strat and I was going to draw on the pickguard in sharpie. I was wondering if I could draw on the pickups? Not the six metal parts that stick out, but the plastic shell itself.

Would drawing on this do any damage to the sound?

Thanks in advance.
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Would drawing on this do any damage to the sound?


Just go for it.

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It wouldn't do any damage on the plastic, but possibly on the magnets.

again, no.
Shouldnt do.
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i can't see any harm coming from this, could turn out cool. go for it.
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It probably shouldn't damage anything. I mean you are drawing on the plastic and I dont think sharpie would influence the magnetic field... I mean if you were using a nice amount of lead paint or something...maybe... I'd be careful with using sharpie on the pickguard though because sharpie tends to rub off plastic pretty easily. I'd recommend using I believe it was painters markers on it and then spraying it with a sealer (Taking off the pickguard to spray it, of course)
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does that answer your question? lol Satch draws all over some of his guitars, and Lord knows that Van Halen did some crazy crap to his guitars.
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Thanks, I just drew on it, waiting for it to dry and then doing some touch-ups.

My design is much more simplistic than any of those. If I find my camera I may post a picture of it.

I once Tried this with epic fail, as I had a black strat.

it was a bullet, and didn't sound good anyway, I plan on getting a white one for christmas tho.
My girlfriend is drawing all over my SX Tele right now. Pickups should be fine.
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