So i've been playing a double locking floyd rose for years, and lately i'ev been picking up my Fender strat to play. The strings havent been replaced for a long time and i just replaced them today, but the bridge is now pulled up wayyy to high and it's beginning to worry me. did i do something wrong or should i adjust a specific part of the bridge?
tighten the screws spring on the spring claw in the back 1/4 turn, retune and repeat if necessary,

did you replace the strings with the same guage as the old ones?...
Sort it out just like you did with the floyd, of course if you have ever done that. Just tighten the springs in the back.
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Higher gauge = higher tension

As has been said, tighten screws in the back
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Switching them to 10s is the problem. Theyre bigger strings and are pulling the birdge up.