Hi. One problem I have is when I lift my finger off a string, I play the string as if nothing is pressed, or basically play a 0.

This happens during normal and usually fast playing because I have to lift my finger off the string fast, not just when sweeping. Actually still happens at sweeping but I manage to mute it with my strumming hand.

How can I play so that my left hand doesn't play 0s when lifting my finger up to transfer to another string?

mute with your palm at the bridge.

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And use the other fretting hand fingers to lie across the other strings when not in use
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learn how to mute the string by anticipating the noise and use less gain and the volume control on the guitar

there`s a vid on youtube where joe satriani shows his string muting technique go find it...
Less gain always works for me. Just a thought but would raising the action help? I assume the 0 begins when the string reaches normal tension and stops moving upwards so then if the action is higher the velocity would be slower as it reaches normal tension and therefore the 0 wouldn't occur. Obviously that might not work and even if it did i wouldn't recommend it for such a simple problem.
Practice with distortion on. This way the ringing open notes will be very obvious. Play one note at a time, practice transitioning between notes without ringing out open notes. Muting is the key, I've seen a lot of people who can decently play their scales on clean but on distortion fail.