my bands newest completed lyrics to our song "blasphemy", formally known as "rimjob" xD.

i didnt write thesse lyrics but our vocalist did and wanted some outside feedback.

were a death metal/deathcore band btw

you can check us out at www.myspace.com/sinsofaviela

we have no recording of this song yet cuz its fairly new but u can check out our other stuff

Buried in lies

The shattered glass claims your, claims your existance
As the world around you falls
Consumed by the burning fuel, the smell of melted flesh

Gasping for one last breath
Salvation will not come

Hell rained from the sky

Let their bodies burn
Left them to ****ing rot

How has it come to this
They prayed for mercy but with no reply
Buried beneath the lies
Amongst the ruins and decayed
The truth will set you free
So open your ****ing eyes

Then the serpent forced it's way into their minds
Raping their ears of knowlege, gauging out their eyes

Plauged this sacred land
Exposing the filth that is mankind

He torments me x3

Using our fear as a weapon to control
We now bow down before the New Third Reich

Slaughtering the opposistion
All that stand in its way will be shown no mercy
For we are all mere slaves x2

Your fear has claimed your life, claimed your existance
I have come to set thy free
We must prevail through our resistance
Only we control our destiny

Behead the serpent
Your kingdom of treason will fall x2

Those who claim terror will know the meaning when our vengence is done
We will strike back with no remorse
You will pay for what you have done
Every drop of blood spilt, will be paid with your own

Mark these words
Your kingdom of treason will fall x2
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