Anybody have one of these?


Is it built pretty good? I've heard they are made in Japan, which leads me to believe they'd be better than an Indonesian-built guitar. But I've read a couple reviews online where people said the hardware is kinda cheesy. But then maybe they are just people who play $2000 guitars and are kinda snobby?

I tried a couple Jacksons out a few days ago and I really liked the feel, plus it looks cool to boot.

Also, about the bolt-on neck. I've always thought bolt-on's were kind of flimsy, am I wrong? Is there such a thing as a good, solid bolt-on?

If you've got one of these, how's it holding up?
i dunno how much that guitar is but you can always get a pickup change.. jackson is a great metal guitar.. i've never had trouble with a bolt on neck.. just every while i check the screws to make sure they're tight(maintence).. If you like it... go for it
Bolt on *tends* to have worse higher fret access. Not always though: look at Rusty Cooley's sig for example
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Its built very well. Bolt ons are nicer to have because if the neck snaps, you just need to get a new neck, whereas with neck thru or anything similar you need to buy a new guitar. Yes, there is such a thing as a good, solid bolt on, and that Jackson is a great example.

I dont think there is much that could match the feel of a Jackson, i just love my RR3, i wouldn't ever sell it.
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ive had 2 jacksons, one a japanese made kelly professional and the other a dxmg dinky, also made in japan. both had bolt on necks. both guitars could wail, the kelly had one of the sweetest playing necks i every played on. and the bass wood body of the dinky and the nice dimarzio pups i had put in it made it an awsome metal player.
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