does anyone know if Ernie Ball strings, gauged .010-.052 would be good for drop D tuning?
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they will work for drop c, but not as well as strings that are guaged heavier.

The heavier the guage the better they work for guitars tuned low.

Pretty much anything works well for drop d though.

Ive personally found that drop D works absolutely wonderfully if your get a .10-.52 set and instead of putting the 52 on, put one guage higher, or even a B string for a 7 string guitar.

Makes it slightly tighter, so it doesnt feel like your top stirngs looser than the rest of them, but thats never really notcible anyways.

Be sure not to get really heavy guage strings meant for tuning low (like drop c) and one day decide to tune to D or standard, becuase those heavy strings will start to hollow out your bridge when they are really tight.
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maybe try some D'Addario 12-54's. I use them in C standard and they are perfect. Switching from 10's to 12's made my amp sound 100% better.
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Quote by carr4600
what sizes would be ideal for drop D

personal preference really. i use .11's.
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i use ernie ball o.10s and they sound really muddy in anything lower than D tuning
drop d would be fine, but drop c wont
im swithching to 0.11s for drop C
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