Recently changed my acoustic guitar strings, guy at the store talked me into some martins, but these things are way too bright and sound way too metallic, kinda sounds like i'm playing some kind of asian instrument. I'm looking for some really mellow sounding strings, also how long should i give these strings to break in, i play about 4 hours or so a day, been a few days and haven't lessened up on the metallic sound any. Thanks
What kind of strings are they? Phosphor Bronze? 80/20? You might try a different kind. Martin has different types of strings. Mine are usually broken in after 2 days or so.
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Yeah they're phosphor bronze custom lights .011 - .052, have a feeling my old strings were .012s. Yeah guess I could get a different kind, just got what the salesman reccomended, shoulda came here first and asked around though, lol, thanks again.