Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2006 Ibanez RGA321F Prestige in awesome condition (9/10)

Why am I getting rid of this? Probably because I'm stupid - this is the nicest Ibanez I've played, hands down, and I'm an Ibby fanboy. Its even nicer than my 2009 J-Custom, believe it or not (these must be THE right pieces of wood or something). I simply don't think you'll find a nicer Prestige than this.

Thin maple neck with two walnut stripes, THE nicest piece of Rosewood I've ever seen as a fretboard, a Rosewood veneer overlay on the headstock (very classy) and small Abalone dot inlays (also very classy)
Mahogany body with a 3/4" Flamed Maple top, stained in an amazing Sapphire blue with darker blue burst around the sides and back
Gibraltor bridge, which is really nice, sturdy, and comfortable
Dimarzio/Ibz pickups - these are actually pretty nice, especially in this guitar as opposed to the other Basswood models, but I'm just as picky as the rest of you guys here and I wouldn't call them amazing

The only reason I won't give this a 10/10 is because there's light swirling/scratch marks on the front and back that you can hardly see unless you're looking, but I'm 100% certain that they can be buffed out with ease. Also, the bass side screw/stud on the bridge has lost its finish due to play wear - if anybody has owned a Prestige in recent years, they'll know that the Cosmo Black finish will fade if you do so much as breath on it too hard :lol: so its not from excessive sweating or something. The bridge piece itself is 100% brand new. These are minute flaws.

Modifications: None

Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardshell Ibanez Prestige case (I love these cases, they're so nice) with all of the case candy that comes with it. Comes setup in E Standard with 9-42 Elixers

Location: Mount Pleasant, PA

Contact Info: PM me on here

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Price: $1300 USD or best offer

I would also take a decent guitar plus about $500 cash.

Other than that, I'll entertain the thought of all offers, so just shoot something at me.


My c-1 classic with EMG's?
It's in Trans-blue, I'll post pics if you're interested.
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bit of a long shot I guess:P
Schecter C-1 Classic (BKP Painkillers)
Schecter Tempest Custom EMG 81/85)
Jackson DK2M
Boss: Ge-7, DD-7, RV-5, NS-2, SD-1
MXR: KFK 10 Band EQ, Dynacomp, Stereo Chorus
Voodoo Lab Sparke Drive
Bugera 333XL 212 Combo
Unless you threw in a good bit of cash, I don't think that one will work out, but thank you for the offer.
Trade for an ESP/LTD EC-500? Also a long shot, but I've been dieing for this very guitar.
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Quote by Adam Of Angels
Being that I don't really want that guitar, do you also have a grand? haha

I wish.

Good luck selling.
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i own a RGA121 and would love to own another prestige RGA! interested in any, or even all lol, of these trade wise?

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Hmmm, nah, I'm going to have to pass man, but if you'd consider buying it, send me a PM and we'll work something out.
Price drop to $1150, or I'll also take a trade for a USA Jackson. Somebody please take this from me, I have really bad GAS for a Jackson.
no thanks, i love my 121 too much to part with it, its the perfect guitar for me. i was mainly just looking to get another prestige RGA, besides the only upgrading would be cosmetics and i think the 121 looks amazing as is!
I'd rather you just stick to what you like then, but to be fair, the uprgrade would be more than a cosmetic one - the attention to detail in crafstmanship and materials is a bit finer on these ones, and the neck is nicer.
i dont know man, ive played the 321 before and even though its nice, it sounded and played just as well as my 121. then again, my 121 might just be one of those best out of the bunch guitars, the neck is just perfect through and through. but good luck with the sale man, i know if i had the funds id buy it!
Now taking a mint or near mint RG 1527 in Royal Blue plus $400! If you have these things, please PM me ASAP!
No longer taking that 1527 trade. Price is at $1300 obo. Will consider ALL trade offers, so send me a message!