someone told me for practices he uses a guitar amp in place of a vocal monitor by just plugging a mic into one.

have any of you done this? how well does it work?

also where culd i buy a mic with a guitar-style cable
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It'll be fine, it just won't sound real good. I think when the Experience were starting out, Jimi's voice and guitar, pluss Noel's bass were plaugged into the same amp.
it wont sound great but it works. ive done it before.
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That's what I use. It sounds ok. Not top notch quality, but its ok for practices.
It works, good for practices. Get an XLR to 1/4 inch adapter.
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the output from a mic and from a guitar is pretty similar, technically. Just buy and XLR to 1/4" Jack adaptor from whoever sells these things where you are and you're set.
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My band used to do that, except we used a bass amp. Then I broke the mic stand. >_>

Now we just shout into the air. Which is more or less what our shows are like, because we rarely have monitors.