I want to know if you guys have any tips on writing a good screamo song on guitar (like The Devil Wears Prada)

I'm in Drop D and also how can I write a cool breakdown?



There, I've just written you every screamo song ever. Keep it.
Get your strap down by your knees, tune down to B standard and the inspiration will come, trust me.
Listen to a hell lot of screamo, and iif you haven't committed suicide yet, you should have a lot of inspiration to make "good" screamo riffs.

just kidding about the suicide part
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Drop D isn't good for metalcore. Go with D standard or Drop C. But you said you want it like TDWP, and they play Drop D, so take your pick. But play from bands that you like and take inspiration from that. And learn music theory.
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Just learn do some triplets on your low string.

as for breakdowns, use odd timings, and not just 4/4. 4/4 is good if you can make it interesting though.

You can also layer a lead over a simple breakdown and make it sound more interesting, bands like august burns red and such do things like that.

TDWP isnt screamo, its metalcore :P I love metalcore, you guys should listen to a band called "oh, sleeper" any guitarist will appreciate them.

edit: also, i dont think it matters what tuning you are in , if you use the correct modes and scales.

throw some dimished arpeggios in there, and it wont matter what tuning you're in. it'll sound brutal
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all you have to do to write a scremo song is just suck at everything musical its not that hard. just use only one finger for the entire song
I love how half the time when someone asks an honest question, all they get is smartass replies. The guys asks for help and gets a bunch of dumb ****s saying stupid crap.
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to give a serious answer not some lame smart ass one. its not very hard, triplets and so on can give an interesting sound. most people palm mute opens. I'd try to not use muted opens much since there so over used (thus make you look like a unskilled player). but best way to learn any genre of music is to look at tab's see what bands you like do. and then try and put your own twist on it.
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When I hear screamo and "cookie monster" stuff it makes me feel old, like "i don't get what the kids are doing these days." People probably thought the same thing when I was a teenager in the 80's listening to Metallica and Slayer.
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ITT: People that don't know what screamo music is, including TS.

Anyway, unfortunately you can't just dive into theory with the apporach of "How do I write Screamo music?" because you'll find there is no quick way to learn how to write almost any music. I suggest you learn music theory and then when you feel ready try and apply it to the music you want to write.

Unfair on the poor guy that he came here asking for help and you all just bashed his music taste.
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Try and learn a lot of songs that you like and think have good riffs, if you don't want to learn the full song just learn the particular riff that you like, eventually after a lot of learning and practice, writing music should be a breeze

Another idea is start a band or find another guitarist who is interested in the same type of music as you. I've always found that playing with another guitarist helps me produce new music because 2 minds are usually better than 1 (unless they're crap).

Hope this helps
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Get your strap down by your knees, tune down to B standard and the inspiration will come, trust me.

No, he said Sceamo, not Amon Amarth.
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i didnt know people still listen to screamo. this thread died 4 months ago.

-use minor second intervals as randomely as you can make it.
-drop c or d.
-use minor keys such as the note you're dropped to.
-pedal point on the low string
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The Devil Wears Prada is metalcore, not screamo. -_-

I hate when people associate any music that has screaming with screamo.

Everyone needs to stop bagging on this guy's taste though.

Here's my advice:
Learn some songs from genres you like, and you'll begin to understand how they're written. Hopefully you know some theory.