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Did this in about half an hour. I was just messing around with my classical guitar and came up with a pretty generic latin riff and went from there.

Comment/Ratings would be appreciated. And C4C as usual.

I liked your phrasing and tone. Being a latino myself, I enjoy such arrangements and textures. What about some more bass ? It's barely audible!
definitely more bass. love the lead tone though its beautiful. the intro riff is pretty awesome as well, and the shaker adds so much, it just wouldnt be the same without it. cool tune just to have as some nice background music, and i could totally see it on some movie for something or other. good recording quality as well. nice job

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Very nice man.
I love the opening riff/chord progression thing. It's very catchy.
The lead parts were awesome. I really liked them.
I think the part that really makes the song for me was the fact that you actually used percussion instruments, rather than software. I'm not a percussionist, but when songs in this forum use drum software, I can barely stand it. It's so annoying. Lol. Which is why I'm really impressed that you used real persussion.
Overall, a job very well done.

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As I'm listening:

Very groovey, love the feel of it! I really like the delay/reverb on the acoustic and electric guitar. Have you thought about putting any vocals on this track? Some piano or organ might be cool as well. I think you have a good start for a song here, it just needs to be developed a little more yet. I read that some people think there needs to be more bass, but I think the level of the bass was pretty good, it just needs to be EQ'd differently so there's more low end to it (maybe boost 80Hz and below?) Overall good job, keep up the good work!

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