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Voters: 33.
Okay I'm really stuck between the:

Jackson DKMG Dinky http://www.dv247.com/guitars/jackso...ar-black--54533

and the

Ibanez RG1570 http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitar...1437/p6486.aspx

I play Metal, Blues, Rock, etc.....................

I really want a Floyd rose, so yeah, how good is the Jackson Licence Floyd Rose?

I play through a really good VOX amp when playing live.

Thank you.

What i really would like to know is that are EMG's good for blues?

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emgs are definitely not good for blues.

I have a friend who has the same Jackson and it's only any good for metal. and from the looks of it i'd prolly say the same for the ibanez.
well it depends what you mean when you say blues i guess. Becuase if ur thinking the relaly old school 60's blues then yeah don't get emgs but if ur thinking the high gainy blues then they'll be ok.. as long as its not ur main thing
I would go Jackson...both are not good with the blues...but personally the single coil gets in the way of picking
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Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose is the poor man's Original Floyd Rose. Holds up in tune unlike most LFRs.

EMGs are for metal only really, you can do blues with any guitar essentially, but you might sound a bit more crunchy than you'd like.

The 1570 is great for it's HSH design, but the pickups blow. Change them and the guitar would be pretty suitable for any genre.

Both seem to kind of lack stock. Consider a Schecter C-1 BlackJack FR. The pickups in my mind would handle blues far better, and are superior to EMGs.

If you absolutely must choose between these two, get the Ibanez.
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Between the Ibanez and Jackson, go for the Ibanez. The Ibanez will suit your tastes better.

A good alternative I'd suggest to you is the DK2 Dinky. The Dk2 Dinky could do blues easily (because it has passives, not actives) and is 100 dollars less then the DKMG.


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