^that thing.
I've pretty much set my heart/weekly paycheck on it.
I love the sound(s), love the looks, love the power, blah blah blah.

..but there's one decision about it I'm not up to making without inquiry into it

The numbers on it are 1000w at 4ohms, 1200w at 2ohms

So if one showed up at your doorstep, along with a check for whatever speaker setup you wanted (yes I'll be dedicating most of my weekly paycheck to this, I'm a man possessed), what would you run it through?

^ My question stems from confusion as to whether trying to squeeze the extra 200w out of it is worth doing something different than just getting a 4ohm 8x10 and going 1000.
EDIT: sorry missed part of your post. 1000 watts and 1200 watts won't be much of a difference volumewise so an 8x10 at 4 ohms is fine. You may want to look into getting two 4x10's for easier portability though.
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First of all, I'd run it at 4 ohms. Some amps get hot if they're run at 2 ohms. There's no need for that extra 200 watts. You probably won't even need 1000 unless you're playing huge stages. Have you checked out the Shuttle 6.0 or ShuttleMAX series from Genz Benz? I'd rather have a 600 watt Shuttle rather than something that is too much power for what I'd be using it for. If you wanted the EQ of the GBE, then test out a ShuttleMAX.
What've you people (you people??) heard about/how do you like the warwick cabs?

They make a 4x10 600w 8ohm that I could start with then double it.

They say warwick on them, but are they actually good?
I owned a GBE 1200 for awhile...it was amazing...I just like the pure tube sound better now...

Anyways, i ran one of the Genz benz Neo 2x12 cabs (1200w peak at 4ohms)...it was loud and still clear as day. I wanted to try out a Warwick cab on it, but I like the matched brands...plus, the neo's are light and easy to carry...My Mesa 400+ weighs more than my cab right now...it's unnatural.

Bass tones are hard to find.
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