I'm thinking of making the jump and getting a boutique amp. And I've looked at several already, mostly tube-combo format (which I am aiming for). Now I can basically trade in my Laney (see sig) and get a a good chunch of coin to go towards the new amp. I've looked at Orange, a Bogner Alchemsist, a Deizel and a Buddah. I've still got more to look at though. Is it really worth the jump though? Should I just be happy with my Laney, I might just have GAS. The laney is great don't get me wrong but I have been craving a more modern sound latley, or am I just being too picky?

So, even with the huge @ss price, will a boutique be that much better then what I have considering the price?

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none of those are boutique amps.

edit: nevermind, I'd consider some Buddas to be boutique amps and some consider Diezel to be boutique. But Oranges? Definitely not, and Bogner Alchemists are made in Line 6's China factories. Not even close to boutique.

What kind of amp are you looking for? Marshall style? Fender style? Vox style? If you're looking for a more modern sound, a boutique amp may not be for you, most boutique amps are basically variations of very simple classic circuits. But one maker that make more modern voiced amps is Roccaforte, you might want to check them out.
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GGA might have better answers/suggestions
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