I have been trying to find something that lists most of the barre chords. There are several I need to know... for Jazz Band... Here are some that I remember I need to know.

sus2 and 4

And more... please post a link to a list of chords of these.

Also if there is any way for me to learn how to understand the Barre Chords that would be of use as well.
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I am, it seems to be confusing, but I am trying my best. I am new to all guitar theory. It seems I have a few days of studying.
Look up how to construct chords and how sus chords are formed on guitar. That'll tell you everything you need to know.

EDIT: But if you're THAT new to theory, then you should look up Josh Urban's "The Crusade" articles and use that to help with everything. They're very informative.
I'm not super new to theory, I know whole steps and half steps... I am currently reading chord building 101, but if you don't think that will get the knowledge I seek, I will probably go ahead and go to what you mentioned.