First off, a bit of information; this is a prologue to a 5 part Progressive Metal series. It has been a long time project of my band. It's about a man, who has a car crash with his girlfriend/wife in the summer (this happens in the "Summer" part, which is only partly written. The man gets comatose, and when he wakes up, about a month or two later, he finds out his girlfriend/wife has died from the crash and this is the first time he visits the grave. Later on, he founds out the crash was framed (In the "Winter" part) and in the Spring part he ends the story by killing whoever was responsible for it, and dies, after getting lethally wounded. Full order of songs is as follows (names will change):
1. Prologue (Autumn Pt. 1.)
2. Summer
3. Autumn Pt. 2
4. Winter
5. Spring

(Yes the lyrics are long, this song is going to be around 10 minutes long, also, these are NOT the definitive lyrics for this part)

[Acoustic, clean intro, remains clean]

I. The trail of the dead

The summer's dead upon my arrival
The meadow looks cold and pale
As dim sunlight shines on the iron gates
I walk the path of the dead

I took my time to look for her
Her grave lies firmly beneath the trees
The leaves of Autumn are leaving their marks
And as more fall down, I feel lost, insecure

Her name is carved into the stone
My gleaming eyes, staring at the words
Are like a lullaby of remembrance
For the sadness in those eyes
I owe to her
One last time, I will relinquish my faith

Why did she have to die?
And why did I survive?
I feel her presense now
But it is all too long ago
Could I ever take her back?
Ooh, I want her back..

[Keyboard Solo, heavy riffing etc..]

II. Headstone

Silent is soil
It won't lead you to salvation

There is nothing to be found in this shallow grave
I can not hope to have done more than this life I gave

...(No lyrics for this part yet)

[Guitar solo]

There is nothing to be found in this shallow grave
I can not hope to have done more than this life I gave

[Keyboard solo]
[Dual solo]
[Back to cleans]

III. Closure

Leaving the path of the gate
I take a look at the azure sky
The grave I left behind me, her headstone still untouched
The wreath I held now next to her silent stone

The gates have shut
I shall return once again


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