Recorded one of the first few songs I made. I know its called song 14, but I just named it that because I don't have a song 14 yet, my song names aren't in order, lmao, I can't count or something, because I go up to 36 but only have like 20 songs, lmao. I just named this one of the ones I skipped.

I think its one of the best intros I've ever made still.
Sound awesome! There's a lot of riff and i like it!
Both guitar are sync and sound very melodic together.

The onliest thing i didn't like of your song is your drum... The drum is good but the sound he make is weak and bad... It's alway hard to record drum.

Keep it up!

(That for song 14 i'll take a look at other very soon )
I like the ideas. The chord progression is a bit generic. You could embelish the chords by adding more notes. You could make a minor chord sound even sadder by adding a 9th!

The guitars aren't well tuned. I assume it's just a demo. Other than that, panning the guitars so hard to the left or the right isn't my cup of tea. They could be "closer", if you know what I mean.

The snare sound is very good, but I don't hear the BASS drum and that would give some balls to the mix.

Try double tracking the guitars, too!

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