Hello everyone,

I'm finishing building my custom jazz bass and need help with the pickup wiring as I am not 100% sure how to do it. The control plate w/ knobs that I have has places to insert the wires (2 per pickup, 1 for bridge) where their is a screw covering a hole. As far as I know, all I have to do is unscrew enough for the wires to fit in, then stick them in and tighten it again. The wires are frayed at the ends (I don't know if that is the correct term but I think you'll get the idea). Is that all it takes or is there more to it? As I haven't been able to test it yet as I am not done with finishing the headstock, I don't know if this is right. I'll try to clarify as much as I can.

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Yeah I browsed through that all quickly but none of it seemed to apply.
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sorry it didn't help, but hopefully you got it figured out.

Well, actually it did help, because then it gave me the idea to post my question there. And I got an answer, so it worked out.
So, thanks!