Ok, I know the major and minor positions for the pentatonic scale, but i dont understand it.

How do you play a major scale if you start on a minor root? Can I play the major pentatonic scale if i started on Am root?

Same with minor pent, can i play that if i started on a major root like C?
There is no note on your guitar that is Am, it's just A. It becomes major or minor based on the notes you play with it. Look up relative minor in the lessons. Brief Explanation: The relative minor is 3 steps down from the major. Example is C and A. A, A#, B, C So when you play the A Minor pentatonic scale, that is the same as the C major.
because one note doesn't correspond to any scale, a root of one scale can be in numerous other scales

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The C major pentatonic and Am pentatoic contain the same notes, you just begin the scale on a different root note.
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