Earlier this year I posted a topic about what people thought about the movie done by Oliver Stone called The Doors. People said they hated it because it only showed a suicidial, drug abusing, alcholic Jim Morrison. Well I've recently purchased the movie at a pawn shop and I can't get enough of the movie. I watched the special features and saw some reasons why people would be upset though. Such as the character Patricia Keely and how Oliver made the mistake of calling her that when in reality the real Patricia didn't drink blood and such and how Oliver used the scene between her and Morrison about her having a baby and he didn't want it and that he was high and the marriage didn't mean anything to him and how Oliver used that to get a laugh. I can agree that that might be unforgivable. The rest of the movie however was supposed to show the death obsessed , drug and alchol abusing side of Jim. We all know the good side but we never really want to aknowlige the bad side.
However I still love the movie even though it couldv'e been better, but I can't see anyone but Val Kilmer and the rest of the cast to play The Doors in a movie, and I find it to be ****ing awesome they learned to play the instruments to play the part.

I just didn't like it as a movie. I couldn't care less if it was biographically accurate or not.
I normally like strange movies, but that one was out there...
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Being an old fart, I loved the movie... and yes, Val was awesome and did an amazing portrayal
Oh man... I loved this movie.
Great cast and I love the poetic way the movie is made up.
And as a big fan of The Doors I am happy that there is a movie about them.
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