I had no idea what to look for so here it is.
When I first started playing guitar, when I played some type of fast passage or whatnot, I would just tremolo and run my fingers down it as fast as possible.

Well I can't seem to get out of that habit now. Whenever I try to "shred," its just sorta more me tremoloing and my left hand has gotten a lot faster at running through the riffs or whatnot.

Any good way to get out of this? Or anyone else have or had this problem? I know the obvious is practice, but I would just like some input into this problem
Try playing your scales really fast. I don't just mean one octave of a scale. Maybe 2 or 3 octaves of the scale both up and down. Also, learn some of your favorite solos note for note.
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You're gonna hear this a lot: Metronome, practice, repeat.

I used to do exactly what you do and I got to the point you're at and I came here, asked the same question, and got that reply. I took the instructions and I am at 16th notes at 148 BPM. I was at a very soppy 16th notes at 90 BPM Have patience and may the force be with you.
i'm not sure what you mean by run your fingers down..Explain that and maybe we can help
hmm techniques we first learn influence out playing later on..but don't take it on just practice
What I mean is that I could just tremolo whatever I was playing. Pseudo-shredding I guess. Im getting a lot better but I still have the problems sometimes.
Stop "trying" to shred, it doesn't work.

Concentrate on playing accurately, in time and in control - the better you get at those things the faster you'll become. You can't just decide to play faster because there's no such thing as "speed" in terms of skills, in much the same way a car engine doesn't have "speed", they have power and torque which results in speed.

Screw tremolo pickng, it's got nothing to do with playing fast - it's a specific technique solely for playing the same note repeatedly at high speed. The whole point of tremolo is that you create a blurred sound, the complete opposite of the distinct notes you want when playing normally.
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