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Yes, both
84 59%
Only One
47 33%
I live on my own
9 6%
Foster Carers
3 2%
Voters: 143.
Do you live with your parents?
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i just cant bring myself to bury them yet
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Kind of. i live with them but they dont "live" with me XD



there dead.

EDIT: beaten
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I do and have to this point, but in a couple days I move into my first apartment. I reckon I'll come back to the folks pretty frequently though.
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I live with my mom... In my mom's basement.
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I tend to lock myself in my room all the time. That counts as living on my own right?
with mom, see dad every other sat
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not hated
No. I'm an alien. I have no parents.
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I'm paying for the

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Barak Obama.

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Currently, I'm living with my dad. They're not divorced, but my mom doesn't know what she wants to do with her life and is currently living elsewhere.
Of course . Wait, maybe they aren't really my parents, maybe they're...
My grandfather is my foster parent.
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Yup I live with both. My 22 year old brother is going to live in a dorm next month and my mom is all like 'NO! You can't leave!!! ' I guess our family is pretty close.
Just my dad
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
I haven't lived with both parents for about 6 years.

My mom first moved out when I was 12 and I lived with my dad for a year, then he moved in with my stepmom and my mom got another apartment, so I've lived with her since.