Well, all the cool kids are doing it, so i might as well join in...
I received my third RG yesterday. Played a show with it less than 2 hours after i got it out of the box. It was great, i really love this guit.

The fretwork is astounding for a 400 dollar guitar. It is really on par with my Carvin, except the frets aren't as highly polished as the Carvin. everything is perfectly flat with no glue drips.
The weather here sucks, so there is no light.

Im getting a set of Guitarheads Hexbuckers next week and it will surely scream.
love the look of that guitar. congrats

and i'd say white if u can get a white pickup for the mid position.

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James THE REV Sullivan
looks stunning! HNGD!!!
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Nice. BTW, you got way too many winds on your G, B and E.
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