I spent my summer with my family in Lithuania who i haven't seen in a while i brought my classical and played with my cousins and uncles a lot i had a great time so before i my next visit next summer which will be a long time from now i promised to learn Russian romance for my grandmother (she sung in choirs during soviet times) and a couple folk song for my uncles so i can play them on my next visit i want to start of with this


Of course there's no tabs so i have to do this by ear =( im not asking for a whole tab out just help like what chords do you hear and what key sooo just help me im a noob at guitar

TL;DR First song by ear so help me (I don't care if you think the song is gay just help me)
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something like...

D| 6--------------10--8--6----------

kinda hard to hear the guitar
good luck!