So I've observed that I mainly use my thumb and index finger to pick and I hold my wrist pretty motionless. I've been able to get a good tone and can at rather fast with this technique, but I have a bunch i'm going down a bad road...

So is it better to use primarily your wrist to pick, or your fingers?
I just switched to using my wrist more and I seem like I have more control and consistency, but I don't really know. I'm probably just gonna end up getting carpal tunnel.
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It sounds like your talking about circle picking. Apparently this hinders your ability for speed.
You can be a fair bit cleaner like this though, as the sound of your pick hitting the strings isnt as great as with normal "wrist" picking. Theres nothing wrong with it in my humble opinion, im more of a tone junky than a speed junky anyway lol
I'm not circle picking although it's the same idea only I move my fingers back in fourth. I think i'm going to try using my wrist more, I've just been having trouble getting used to the whole back and fourth motion.