Hey, i'm deciding whether it'd be worth the hassle to replace my pickguard. At the moment i have one of the bad partial ones and i want one of the large ones. I was wondering whether this would mean drilling holes for screws? and whether i'd have to remove the pickup's rings?
You know I want to do the same thing! Please PM me if you find out anything worth knowing. I'm guessing just drill new holes and pop it on.
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I really fancy this but don't wanna start drilling holes into my guitar. Any ways around that?
Probably so. It might cost about 10-15 bucks, or whatever the store charges as a "general service charge." It's not a difficult thing to do if you're familiar with a drill.
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In a few months i'm having major work done anyway so i'll throw it in with that stuff. Gonna be epic, i'm handing it over completely stock and it will come out with Grover Locking Tuners, Seymour Duncan JB & 59 pickups, New pickguard, Lovely new set of strings and all set-up to perfection. My plan is to get a job there just before i get this done as i turn 16 just after Christmas. There must be some form of employee discount.
a gibson sg full pickguard will only fit a genuine gibson sg. if its an epiphone, or anything else, it wont fit.
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they are a slightly different shape - even the epiphones.
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Mine's a Vintage VS6. Don't know if that means anything to you. Is there anywhere you can get them for your particular guitar?
If you're confident a regular one won't fit. Grab a thick peice of acrylic and make one yourself.
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