Hey everybody, I orignally sent this message to Freepower the other day, but he hasn't signed on since, and I was wondering what you all thought.

"I started doing the exercises on your video for Finger Independence, and a thought occured to me: if I want to focus on Finger Independence, and keep my finger at a stable position hovering over the fretboard, will this be conflicted by picking exercises at a slightly higher tempo if my fingers are flying all over the place and not staying in a stable position?

So, do picking exercises at a slightly higher tempo interfere with Finger Indepence exercises at a very slow tempo? Or is finger independence something that I will inadvertantly, and naturally implement into my playing as I train myself more and more?

Thank you so much for your time, and effort"

So, any feedback from the forums of anyone who might know about this would be appreciated.

Thanks yall.
finger independence, as in your fingers not being influenced in there movement based on other fingers movement, is what allows your fingers to keep from unnecessarily moving(in your case the hovering) when playing, will actually help you with those faster licks because you will better be able to move your fingers simultaneously and independently with less effort

i hope that makes since, are you referring to his spider licks?
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No, I haven't found the spider exercises yet, but as I've heard they're just like the justinguitar.com spider exercises, which I've done in the past. Right now I'm just starting from the ground up and doing the "1-2-3-4" pattern up the neck and down at a very slow tempo, as he talks about in the video.

But, mainly what I'm trying to figure out is... well, let me give you the play by play first...

1 - Finger independence exercises are to help my fingers from jumping all over the place, right? Well, in order to do this, I have to do these exercises at a very slow tempo.
2 - I also wish to do right-hand exercises to strengthen my hand and improve on not anchoring my hand, my alt. picking, economy picking, etc. Well, when I've done this in the past, I generally do it at a higher BPM than what I'm doing the finger independence exercises.
3 - While I want to do picking exercises at a higher BPM, I've noticed that when I do this my fingers tend to fly all over the place. This, in my head, makes me believe that all of my time and effort put into the finger independence exercises are infact somewhat useless, seeing as immediately afterwards I'm just going back to my old tricks and letting my fingers run amock over the fretboard as I do these right-hand exercises (because, of course, I'm focused on my right-hand, not my left).

There we go. So, what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not my time spent on finger independence is wasted once I start doing the picking exercises. As I see it, it is, because all that I have learned in the hour doing finger independence is therefore conflicted and possibly jeopardized by the picking exercises that follow, being that my fingers are not controlled and in a stable position throughout.

So, if I may ask anyone who may have some knowledge on the matter, is finger independence something that comes naturally as I progress and continue to do my FI exercises? Will I one day be doing my picking exercises only to look at my left-hand and see my fingers acting in a controlled, stable manner?

Any advice would be appreciated, this matter is hindering my practice ATM as I'm hesitant to do picking exercises.

Thanks in advance to any and all help!
Do your picking exercises slowly, although it won't make you faster, it won't conflict with the finger independence exercises and your hands will sync up better once you reach higher speeds.
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1. No, finger independance is to get the fingers moving on their own- without having to move other fingers aswell. Its not quite the same as "stopping" your fingers moving and it isnt entirely possible 100% due to the design of the hand.

Having said that, its possible to a very large degree.

2. Do things at a BPM that you can do it at. Some things you will be able to do faster, some slower- the key is having it syncronised when it needs to be.

3. Your fingers are flying about because you havent developed enough finger independance, not because its conflicting.

The finger independance exercises are actually developing the muscles in your hand, so keep at it and you will see improvement.

I get the idea with this that you want to get where you're going quickly, that doesnt happen Practice, practice, practice...
How about instead of doing musically retarded exercises you actually play music and progress naturally instead of forcing it.
Thanks for the feedback everyone

Thanks metal_shredder0 and Chainsaw, that helps out, and no, I'm not trying to get anywhere quickly I'm just making sure that I'm being as efficient with my practice as I can be

Uh, griffRG7321, I don't know exactly what you're trying to advise, but I'm fine doing musically retarded exercises seeing as it will improve my playing. All my needs for playing music are sufficed with chord practice, and I'm fine with just listening to my favorite bands until I'm able to play their songs, or make my own songs of such calibur.

Again, thank you all