Does The Pit buy this for their dog(s)? I know that it's pretty old hat, but it's just that I can't go to any Kroger without feeling upset when I see this:

My dad's a Southerner, so it was recommended viewing that I see Old Yeller, along with every John Wayne movie EVER, at least once. The film really struck a chord with me as a youth, mainly because The Fox and the Hound and Bambi didn't traumatize me enough.

This article pretty much sums up the rest of my feelings.

Could you peaceably buy this for your dog and feed it to him/her?
is it laced with cyanide or does it come with a shotgun in the bag?
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When we buy my dog Old Yeller her anus becomes like a diarrhea faucet
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When we buy my dog Old Yeller her anus becomes like a diarrhea faucet

You have given me significant lulz
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I guess it would be like a free-toy-with-your-cereal-type dealie.

I lol'd
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Only if I wanted to weep as I filled my dogs bowl every morning.
Cyanide Drip

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No. Purina Dog Chow FTMFW.


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