so i need new acoustic strings for my epiphone pr 4e but idk wat strings to get i usually get martin sp+ strings but i wanna change out n e 1 kno good strings for my epiphone
john pearse strings are awesome. But they dont last very long.
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john pearse strings are awesome. But they dont last very long.

I agree. Whole heartedly. Been playing acoustic for ten years. couldnt imagine using a different set.
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Maybe you should try some D'addario's? I'm not too sure exactly, what kind of tone are you looking for, that will help us determine what kind of strings you should get? I myself use Martin Marquis, but you said you were going to try something different than martin...
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My friend who's a talented folk artist swears by the Extra-Light Elixers.

The coating also makes for less squeak, not to mention long life.
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