Hey. just imagine me just started learning guitar a few months back. okay i know a few techniques like pinch harmonics, basic alt picking, strumming and wadever... (so noob!)

can u recommend me songs that i should learn?
Songs with nice riffs or solos
Challenging but not too challenging

and please tell me how and what i should practice?!

i only have my amp OD and clean in my repertoire of effects but i may be buying delay.

please please tell me
some nice songs (not just bands) and
excercise ( omg!! i forgot how to spell it)
there are a LOT of easy songs out there to learn i find that coheed and cambria is fair easy if you dont want to change tunings very much because they usualy do standard tunings but some songs like welcome home and final cut they go to Eb (half step down)

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Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Smells like Teen Spirit (Solo) - Nirvana
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
Animals - Nickelback
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learn stairway to heaven (led zeppelin), paranoid (black sabbath), come as you are (nirvana), or anything easy like that
Dimmu Borgir- Burn in Hell
Behemoth- Conquer All
Goatwh0re- Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult

Pretty easy songs and they sound mad cool.
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Lots and lots of metallica songs are very simple

Enter sandman,
master of puppets (the speed is the hard part)
Wheever i may roam
fade to black (cept the solos)
seek and destroy (one of the easiest imo)

There's plenty.

try some blink 182 if you like chords over and over again

PM me if you want some / can give me some as well, I've only been playing 4 months and those are the ones i can play atm, not fully through but most of them

Oh and and justice for all intro sounds epic and easy