i used the search bar but didn't find exactly what i needed.

i'm considering replacing the hardware on my ibby rg2 and also sanding down the finish on it to give it a natural wood look. i've always wanted a natural finish on a guitar because i think theyre sexy .

so i bring eg 2 (main) questions:

1) how would i cost effectively sand down the finish on my rg?

2) are there any special types of hardware i should look for?

the second question doesn't really narrow it down so i'll explain it.

the bridge, pickup screws, the screws that hold the pickup selector and the screws that hold the neck to the body are all corroded/rusted. i've tried brushing the bridge and screws down with alcohol. i also looked for some corrosion preventative compounds and couldn't find anything so i guess it could just come right back. so long story short i just want to replace them all instead of trying to fix them up. so are there any particular brands i should look out for?

i also have another question: is there a certain torque you have to torque the screws to that hold the neck to the body? i've never taken a neck off a guitar so i have no idea about that. i need to do that because i want to replace those screws and i want to sand the finish.

tl;dr how do i go about sanding down my finish, replacing hardware and torquing neck screws?

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1) If you don't have a belt sander (which i recommend getting a hold of one way or another), i'd recommend a sanding block. Sanding by hand takes forever and it's a pain.

2) Look on ebay or ibanezrules.com for hardware. Otherwise you may be able to contact a licensed Ibanez dealer and they could probably order the parts for you.
wow thanks a lot for the quick response.

so how long would using a sanding block take?

i'll have to check out ibanezrules.com

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Well it depends on how much you want to sand. A block sander would be by hand still, obviously, but easier to work with. You'd probably have to go through the gloss finish, the paint finish, and the primer. It could take a while so hopefully you have patience. That's why i recommended the belt sander, and then you can hand sand the curves and such.
If you aren't particularly handy, don't do this. ****ing up your guitar isn't good.

And something to consider: it's possible to buy/make wooden pickup rings with wooden screws. They won't corrode or rust. And with a natural finished guitar, they look damn nice. Same thing with the pickup selector.

They're hawt.
i sanded down a guitar with a palm sander. it was insanely tough to get the horns, though. might want to look into dremels, but the palm sander set me back about $20 between the sander than sand paper. not too bad
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well im living in dorms currently so im not sure a belt sander would work. as long as i have patience i guess i could finish it up and not look too bad.

which is also why i asked about the neck; since i want to sand i kinda want to take the neck out to make sure i get everything. also because the bolts are corroded so i want to replace them.

does anyone know about how tight they should be? hand tight or schwat?

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