-The budget is around 1500usd.
-My style of playing is around metal, bands like metallica, arch enemy, cob, devildriver, all that remains etc.
-Jackson seems cool for me but I m not sure which model is worth the penny. What is the difference in duncan and EMG pickups, which is better?
-Second hand guitar is ok.
-Also, I cant really handle well in V series while sitting down so I prefer to get a guitar that is not V.
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Jackson or ESP in that price range. And the EMG vs. Duncan thing isn't necessarily about which is better, but which you prefer. Go to Guitar Center, dude.
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Thanks all for your kind reply.
Ibanez one seems cool.
Any suggestion in Jackson?
Maybe a bit more details to narrow down your search?

-Neck Profile?
-No. of frets?
-Neck preference? Maple/Rosewood/Ebony?
-Vintage trem or FR or Fixed?
-Any prefered body shape/woods?

Anyways, not a real fan of EMGs, so dont ask me bout them. Anyway, if you can get this used, its a really neat guitar:

OR this one new (there's also an EMG version, with a FR/without FR):

Whats your current amp anyways?