been playing for about 3 months and i realized throughout the past week that there must be something wrong with my picking. trying to increase my speed with the old metro trick and im up to 16th notes at 110bpm(alternate picking of course) and i've noticed that there is alot of resistance as i pick the string. when i got up to around 16th notes at 100 bpm i noticed the resistance but i ignored hoping it would go away in time. i guess i kinda worked around it but it was still there and it is really destroying my progress. i dont think i can ignore and wanna solve this to make things easier for me in the future. any excersises techniques etc to help solve this.

basically, i feel alot of resistance as i pick at higher speeds.

thanks in advance guys
If you mean your arm tensing, it's because you're picking with your elbow: pick from your wrist.

If you mean resistance from the strings, it's because you're using too much pick to hit the strins: it needs to just glide over the top of the string
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You're noticing too much resistance as you pick the string? Either you've got too much pick sticking out, or your gripping the pick too hard (possibly this part of just tensing up in general) or both.
it was resistance from the strings but i was trying to solve it on my own and i noticed i was using way too much pick. also my arm was tensing.
i think im gonnajust slow it down a bit and get learn to use less pick
any suggestions on how to go about doing this or just try it with the riffs i know and make my arm use less pick and resist tensing? like are there any excersises or videos anyone can recommend?

Learn to play before you learn to play fast.

Learn songs, learn chords, learn music that isnt technically demanding (like the blues) as it will teach you about phrasing and vibrato.

Carry on trying to play fast after 3months of playing ( ) and you'll end up as a sloppy shredder who's musicality is the equivalent of guitar pro play back via MIDI.
if there's resistance between the pick and the strings its because of the way you're attacking the string, do it at an agnle so your pick "cuts" through the strings instead of straight across where it takes more string/pick contact to get your next pick stroke.
after experimenting around i'd like to say the the minor alterations that i've done to solve my problem for other people who may be looking around with the same problem.

1) i think my biggest problem was the way i was holding pick because it also had an impact on solution 2. i held the pick between my thumb and around the middle of the side of my index. (between the two joints in the finger) i moved it toward the last end of my index (part with the nail) this allowed me to hold the pick more loosely and more limp. this allowed me to just glide the pick over the strings in a much easier fashion

2) i had tremendous tension in my arm after a while. after moving the pick its easier to be limp in my entire arm preventing this tension.

3)the way i was sitting. it may seem unorthodox but it affected my sightly. because i was sitting on my bed rather than a chair(or my amp lol) i wasnt able to hang the body of the guitar off my lap preventing me from angling the guitar a certain way. now the strings are at a different angle

and thats generally it. im gonna spend the next couple days getting used to this because sometimes i pick 2 or 3 strings rather than one due to the ease of picking now. feel mad good.

i guess the moral of the story is; experiment and make slight changes when your having a problem rather than dramatic unless necessary