is there such thing on the market (pref In OZ) thats a spray gun but insted of getting its air supply from an air compressor it gets in it from a can of compressed air?

something like my wonderfull Pic Drwn In Paint:-

yes, iv seen them and they are fairly crap, no idea where to get them from.
Probably not. There wouldn't be enough power from the can, and you'd most likely have to replace them every few minutes or so.
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fair enough guys thanks for your help, meh ill just use my schools spray gun
I have used 1 of those real small compressors they sell at walmart to run a gun. Not the 12v ones you carry in your car, the 2gal campbell hausfield with a tank on it. 60$ or so and comes in handy to air up tires or run an impact gun briefly to loosen a nut.