Experimental Improv. Rhythm/solos. MP3s.

Did another quick recording. Experimental stuff. Solo rhythm and melody.

Recording quality came out better than before (getting acquainted with a pick in my hand)..I was just fingerpicking before..and I definitely am digging the more vivid tone I'm getting using a Jazz 3 dunlop.

That aside, let me know what you think. Anyone who has the time to crit will receive a very detailed, realistic, honest constructive criticism with your music.

http://www.steelbuzz.com/share/8-30-2009/Official-1.mp3 is short, 3m13s

http://www.steelbuzz.com/share/8-30-2009/Official-2.mp3 37m

http://www.steelbuzz.com/share/8-30-2009/Official-3.mp3 8m27s

http://www.steelbuzz.com/share/8-30-2009/Official-4.mp3 1m14s

http://www.steelbuzz.com/share/8-30-2009/Official-5.mp3 1h19m

Any feedback? I've been playing for about 7 months. Also, anyone recommend any effect pedals that can spice this up? I'm using a 2008 Fender Strat, EHX Memory Man, Line 6 Uber Metal Pedal, and Line 6 Spider 2 15w amp (current bottleneck).

PS. I am playing the guitar with no top E string.
Seems like you don't have so much experience in terms of improvisation, or tonal harmony...
Anyway, I can remember when I had 7 months of guitar over my shoulders... eheheh So this isn't a problem!
Play, Play and Play. Go!

.. Sorry for my english.
I would say ditch the effects and just concentrate on getting a good sound with a clean tone. Do that and youll be well on your way.