Haven't posted in a good while now. This one is a little out there by my standards, but I still like it. I believe it has some structural problems, but I want to know what people think of it anyway. Cheers.
C4C as always.
A Shrewd Man.zip
I love this. It's friggin' epic.
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
yeah dude, this is totally epic!
i like how it flows in every second, sounds really pro! i wanted really hard to make something epic like this but i gave up myself , maybe this will be my inspiration to retry on mine.
thanks mate, you made my day! i hope the lyrics are as good as the music.
good luck on that contest!
This has got to be the best one ive seen here.
that was amazing.
Spiraling up through the crack in the sky
Leaving material world behind
I see your face in constellations
The martyr is ending his life for mine.
Absolutely unbelievable... I loved it... For some reason I found it very reminiscent of symphony x perhaps mixed in with some avenged sevenfold... Don't ask why...

I thought it was never going to drop in an electric part but then it did and I almost cried...

9/10 my highest score ever... Crit the songs in my signature please.. Sorry I didn't go into detail like I usually do (if you check my posts) but this had nothing to improve on really
Before I even get to critting this I've got to ask... How did you come up with those chord progressions? Was there a method to the madness, or trial and error or what? I mean I'd like to think I know a good bit about this kind of stuff, but this one is rather baffling.

Anyway, loved it. A ton of great chord progressions, and it's was just incredibly unique.

For some reason there were a lot of thing's you were doing that really reminded me of Muse for some reason.

Anyway, all people have already told you all of the good thing's about this one, and while I agree with them I'm not going to echo them. So the song is 95% pure awesome. I'm going to talk about the remaining 5%

First, the EQing is rather unfriendly. I had to adjust the master EQ plus pretty much all the instruments EQs to stop the whole thing from sounding like a great muddy mess, topped with fuzz.

As great as most of the progressions were, some of them just felt a little too out there for comfortable listening.

I also noted that a lot of your ideas were very static. Almost everything starts at the beginning of a bar and ends at the end of the bar without ever carrying over. It's very boxy. Like Lego music or something.

Many of the section changes suffered because of it. Almost all the transitions felt like two separate parts forcefully shoved together, and even when it did work it never quite felt smooth.

Drums were really strange. In some moments they really shone, then in other moments they were bland and boxy beyond belief. I'm not saying you should make the entire drum track something crazy and wild, but I think there's definitely think there are a good many parts that could benefit a lot from a little extra personality.

Anyway, like I said it's still 95% fantastic
Thanks for the crit, icronic (and to everyone else) - I agree with all your points. Especially the drumwork - I've never had a real head for drums, and at some points in the song, they are particularly uninspired. Very pedestrian.

Anyway, I think I should add that this song is actually "mixed" for MIDI - despite the fact that there are some obviously chosen settings for RSE - I just like sometimes to look at my songs with RSE, just to see what it sounds like. Anyway, I say "mixed" for MIDI because the mix in any case isn't perfect - some instruments are overpowering, some underplayed etc. I left it as it is because I felt like it was fair to show you what I believed to be my finished product way back in April.

Another point icronic made I find interesting - thanks for bringing that to attention, man.
(Talking about the static, self-contained bars) - I could *feel* that in many of my songs, but I couldn't pinpoint it as to what caused it. So, I'll make an effort to make things a bit less Lego manufactured in future.

And about my chord progressions? Well, I simply love chord progressions... they are one of the main things that I really look for in music - a little strange, I know. So, naturally, I try to make interesting chord progressions. It's amazing what people miss out on, by simply sticking around variations of the comfortable and common chord progressions.
How did I come up with these ones in particular? In my head, as with everything else.
The chorus progression in particular still holds up to me personally as one of my favourites. I find it very interesting how you find it baffling - although, it sorta makes sense, considering I essentially know nothing about music - it's just me and good ol' Guitar Pro churning out that stuff. I should really learn an instrument in future... and some theory wouldn't go amiss, either.

Btw, just one little thing - I'm surprised no one ratted me out about the few impossible chords on the guitar in the first half of the song... well, I've mentioned it now.
Simply didn't notice it at the time.

Anyway, cheers, everyone - nice to get praising feedback, plus some constructive criticism.
This piece is incredible!

I especially love the chorus; so epic.

Part I of the bridge is absolutely beautiful.

In Part II, however, I'm not really a fan of the dissonance at the beginning. Still, the sweep solo is astounding.

I wish I could be helpful here, but seriously, this is a 10/10.

C4C? Anything from my sig could use it.
Holy fricking balls, this is awesome...

damn I love this, sorry that I'm not really giving a proper crit here though, but I don't have much to say other than awesome

The only thing I have to say is that I agree with icronic on the drum part, but still...

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