Stupid old me decided to make a song in 3:4 time, much harder than i thought it would be. I have the same Riff Going on for ages, the drums are rubbish, and it isnt going any where. Im half way through and it sounds rubbish.

Please help and dont be harsh.
Song I'm Stuck On.gp4
Song I'm Stuck On.gp5
Song I'm Stuck On.mid
sounds alright. You're right, though, you should change it up a bit, you could even keep the riff/chords on the second guitar and do something different with the lead
Track 1 & 3 are clashing, that's the only major problem. It's not the time signature which is causing problems.

Also, the drums are in 6/8. It's not a problem, I'm just pointing that out.

Edit: Whole piece seems to be in 6/8 actually - excluding track 3 in the intro.
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