hello, i am thinking of getting some effects pedals, im on really tight budget, i have seen behringer are very cheap and seem to score well on the reviews on this site.

i am planning on getting 1 or 2 pedals to start with, do i need a power supply for each pedal? or just one supply for the whole chain?

i am planning to get the behringer chromatic tuner, and possibly the ud100 ultra distortion.

i believe i will need something like this to join the two pedals?

could someone please advise me on this?

I've heard that the tuner sucks. But I'ver tried the distortion and it's great for what it costs.

You need a power supply for each pedal, or a daisy chain. http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Godlyke-5Connector-Daisy-Chain?sku=155052

Yes, you will be needing a patch cable.
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Don't get Behringer pedals, I have only bad experience with Behringer.
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I would look into the v amp2,it's on clearance right now on mf and is a great effects board for the money.It has a chromatic tuner built in and has plenty of distortion.Comes with two pedals and a nice bag to carry it in aswell.Hard effects board to beat for less than 100 bucks.look into one for sure,they sound pretty good not as goon as my boss me-50 but still very usable.
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only behringer pedal ive ever tried is the tuner, and it sucks the ass. worst tuner ive ever used.

ONE good thing about it, it doesnt cause much noise if you have it in your chain. but for a tuner, fail as.
ive just been down my local music store and tried out some marshall pedals which i liked alot. and are in my budget, do you think i would be better off buying marshall?

I stay well away from anything with the label 'Behringer' slapped on it.
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i own the od100 i would say its good pedal for the money but its not as solid as my boss os-2, i would also check out danelectro's pedal
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Dude - buy whatever pedals you think sound good. Everybody has their own opinions on what sounds good.

You can run pedals off of batteries (the rectangular type ones) if you want but behringer ones eat them so make sure you get rechargeable ones.
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im stuck between marshall and behringer :/

i am a bit hard handed with things so i think something made out of plastic wont last long with me.

probally marhsall after hearing them :P

The Marshall's are good if you are patient and will sit with it and tweak the settings until you get what you want. Danelectro's seem to be good little pedals for the price of 'em. Behringers are okay in some ways. Some of them can work pretty well, others are the worst thing you will ever plug your guitar into. Generally the distortion pedals are pretty crappy as are the MFX stompboxes (not the MFX boards never tried them)
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despite what some people say, they do just fine for what they are. they're absolutely right in the sense that when compared to your aver $150 pedals or $300 boutique pedals, they are noisy, low quality plastic boxes that will eventually fail and be discarded.

however, for the whopping $30 or so you spend. they're a great little impulse buy that can sort of test the waters to see if that particular effectis going to be useful to you in the long run. if its not then you're only out $30 instead of a $300 boutique pedal that you try to sell at a loss on craigslist.
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I have 4 Behringer pedals and agree with the Canadian poster above.

For $30 they are quite good.