Being new to Flamenco style guitar and fingerpicking, I found that I was having difficulty seeing the clear treble strings against the clear plastic pick guard. Everything sort of blended together with my bifocals.

I took a black Magic Marker and colored about three inches of the G or third string, just behind the sound hole. The added contrast truly helps and I cannot detect any difference in sound or tone on the 3rd String.
I actually think that they make black colored nylon guitar strings, and (to my knowledge) they're exactly the same as the clear ones, just a different color. I'm not too sure though, I've only heard this, and I don't really have a nylon string guitar either.
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Flamenco and fingerpicking are two entirely different things, it's a good trick though I try to keep my students from looking at the guitar at all. Also, if you've been playing for a little while you'd be surprised how good you can aim if you don't think about it. Try playing when drunk, you'll hit pretty much every string right on the spot.
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