hey guys,

just after some tips and stuff on what you guys have had experiences with recording in studios for most types of metal/hardcore/metalcore. stuff like how many tracks and different tones on different tracks etc etc

my band has been in twice now, and this time we are going in for a bit longer, but previously we havent really had any ideas or anything upon going into the studio, just songs and letting the producer do most of the rest. this time i really wanna have a good idea on how i want to do things. we really just wanna make a really fat and heavy tone with a full sounds, not really lacking in anything. similar to stuff like parkway drive, august burns red etc

amp wise will be using a 6505+ and a framus cobra, with the option to use a jsx and an engl ritchie blackmore if we want to.

anyways, just throw some tips/experiences you have had, perhaps itll help me!
i know the sound your going for.
i try not to emulate, i try to get my own sound; but me and the other guitarist in my band halfways discovered a good distortion effect loop.
Amp on clean>distortion pedal of choice>reverb pedal of choice>overdrive pedal of choice>noise gate pedal

works for me. thats the pedal setup i use most in the studio. hope it helps;