im trying to write some metal lead riffs (think parkway drive,unearth, kse etc) to go over some rhythm but my lack of knowledge on scales is holding me back, could anyone post up a link or something to the various minor scales ( i assume thats what metal uses mainly) and all there posistions in each key, also do the scales positions vary depending on the tuning your in? im trying to write in drop c

all help is appreciated
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Go to google and search guitar scale generator and one of the first few sites has one where you choose a key (ex: A harmonic minor) and it will show you every note on the fretboard so you can choose what position you want to start in, and you don't have to find a mother chart to switch position

I and yea you can change the tuning to drop c

In reality the natural minor scale should be sufficient. Using a certain scale wont make you sound like a certain band. The notes should come from your head either way, the scale shouldn't dictate what notes to choose. That's not what scales are for.

However some minor scales that are fairly common are natural minor, melodic minor, and harmonic minor. The phrygian mode and phrygian dominant are also fairly common.
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