i think i have a hardware issue with my electric guitar... for some reason i get a lot of 'crackling' and feedback on the amp when i have this guitar plugged in... it's a really sensitive problem too- i will hear the noise constantly just from moving my upper body while i'm playing- i can easily get lots of noise if i just start jiggling the patch cord around where it plugs into the guitar (or just try moving the patch cord around a bit).

i'm pretty sure this is a problem in the guitar because i have switched guitars and the same cords/amp setup work just fine on another guitar.

my question is how can i figure out what is causing this problem? i would like to fix it if i can, and if it means taking it into a repair shop that's fine, i'd just like to have an idea of what needs to be fixed.

thank you in advance for any help with this, it would be greatly appreciated!
if it crackles when you're jiggling the cord around and you know the cord is fine then your problem is that you've got a loose input jack. Easy fix, Screw open, desolder the old jack and solder in a new input and THIGHTEN the bolt properly.