Hey guys.

I recently got a great deal on an ampeg 410HLF cabinet(300 bucks) and ive started to run into a few problems.

The head I'm using is a backline 600. On my old rig, which was just 2 different cabinets, I used to skip the EQ on my head becuase I don't like the tone very much. The a,mp has an effects in patch bay so I would plug my Sansamp Bass Driver DI into that and boom, great sound.

It seems that when I do it now when I'm using my new cabinet, my amp is much quieter. Ive also noticed that when I plug the sansamp into the actuall input and through my amps EQ, it can be MUCH louder, but it doesn't sound as good due to the amps poor tone.

Do any of you know why this may be?
it sounds to me like you're using the DI as an effects unit, and thats not what it's designed to do. you should be plugging the bass into the input of the amp and using the speaker out/s to your cab. you then run a cable from your PREAMP OUT to the DI, and a mic cable from the DI, to the mixing console of the PA. i hope that makes sense.
yeah I mean, its not exclusivley used as a DI. Even the manual says it can be used as a pre-amp....