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A couple of months ago i bought a zennox guitar for £40 with an amp off a friend, she doesnt play guitar. It looked really nice when i got it so i thought it would play well too, but theres a wiry and sometimes a dead sound to the notes, and half the time it sounds like it does when you don't actually plug it in. I would not recommend them
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I think there is a pretty good reason that you got for £40
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I can see this just being a long list of B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock. Oh yer and my worst buy was a B.C. Rich Bronze Series Warlock
Some stagg v thing, the neck warped very very quickly.

My Mum bought my little brother one of those guitars withe the amps built in, thats sounded just like it would if the amp wasnt plugged in. The necks made of some weird plywood or something and the inlays are painted on.
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I once brought a Legacy Les Paul, thought it would be amazing as it had Les Paul in the name... I was just starting guitar, it was horrible! It was twangy as ****, sounded like a rickenbacker ahahah
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Need a new amp so much D:
Orange Stack or Marshall JCM 2000 Stack please.
washburn wr 154... first electric guitar
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first act, strat look alike.. bleh... terrible
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uhh.. probably my epiphone les paul junior plywood thing. but it's not all that bad - apart from tuning problems and the generally cheap tone (which does have its uses!), it's quite nice - the neck profile is very nice and the fretwork is pretty good considering - it plays really well.
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jackson soloist and jackson fusion ex both crappy build quality loose necks,

the nut fell off the soloist and the electrics on the ex , not doing a rewire of any new guitar so got my money back on both these pieces of junk...
my first electric. a ken rose strat.
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I almost bought a Stagg Tom Delonge copy guitar. I wanted it for the body mostly since Fender doesnt make Graffiti Yellow Strats anymore. I was going to get a new neck, electonics and totally revamp the entire thing. Luckily my friend stopped me :P
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A Kona Strat, but it isn't too bad. I'm sure if I just lowered that action and put some new pickups in it, it'd sound decent enough, but it sounds damp and, well, bleh now. I don't buy guitars all that much, so that's the worst.
Behringer Strat ripoff. Buzzy as a hive.
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Once again I only have on guitar, my Ibanez GAX70, and its pretty crappy. But I have a new guitar on order
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My acoustic is probably the worst guitar I own, but I still wouldn't call it bad

I've played worse guitars that went for higher prices and overall I'm happy with it
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a fernandes lp copy, it was black boring sounded like crap and was uninspiring
ltd jh-200.

jesus christ i hated that motherfuc*er. Played like ****, looked like ****, sounded like ****, felt like ****.

It was so much worse than my starcaster. Good thing I got rid of that thing. I think the guy who took it liked it, but I hated it. Cheap LTD's suck ass.
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I don't buy bad guitars... so the worst one I ever bought would have to be an '80s Ibanez. My 1982 Ibanez Destroyer II DT400 modded with a FR and locking nut is probably the worst guitar I bought.... Amidoinitrite?
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Does B.C Rich have any good guitars? I have yet to see one...

NJ Series and above make damn fine guitars..... Ignorant statement is ignorant.
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maybe i just got a bad one but it was bbbbbad lol
None of them...I don't buy crap me
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PRS Tremonti SE I had. Was absolutely awful for the price. I found it had horrible tonal characteristics
Ibanez.. something or other. RG321MH? I think it's name was something like that. Utterly terrible in every posisble way, literally not one single redeeming thing about it.
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Johnson strat for $90 the plays beautifully with 9's and horribly with 10's. It's g string is super buzzy no matter what though. And it's pickups, while decent, certainly aren't high quality.
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some off brand mini acoustic guitar my older sister bought me when I was like six and wanted to get lessons. It was a 50 dollar piece of crud that completely turned me off playing guitar for 3 - 4 years. Until my dad took me to a guitar store and I learned not all guitars sound that bad. I think it was made of plywood. I know I was six but damn thats just pathetic.
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it was a crappy strat-type thing that I bought off ebay.
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Probably the Jackson KE3 Kelly. I just couldn't keep that thing in tune and it felt like hell to play on. I preferred my first ever electric which was a £150 Ibanez starter pack model (at the time) and now I think it's discontinued. Wouldn't surprise me.
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the worst i've ever bought was an Ibanez Art series. i actually really like the tones and the playability of this thing, but it literally won't stay in tune long enough for me to unplug it from the tuner and play something. it goes flat that quickly.
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I'd have to say my fourth guitar, A Global Instruments acoustic. I paid $10 for it. The guitar not only sounds dead and has a fret popping out but the original strings were digging into the wood from the tension! Perhaps it was stored in a damp place or is made out of bad wood, Or both.
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My Epiphone G-310. Freakin' thing didn't last a year before it all went to crap...
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I guess that you don't end up buying crap if you try stuff out first
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