I need to sell this amp as I am about to start university and won't have any room for it in my new place.
My friend bought it new, but changed his mind when he got home. I said I'd buy it off him, but since I don't really need it, and as I have said I won't really have room for it, I now need to sell it.
So although it's changed hands a few times, it's only been used twice for about 5mins since leaving the shop, so it's in perfect condition.
The amp lives in Marlborough, but if you're not too far away I can drive it out to you.

You can email me or call Jeremy at ___

Here is a link to some pictures of the amp.
No trades, I just need to get rid of it. The price is £300, although if you would be willing to come to me to pick it up I will be happy to lower the price. Someone from London has emailed me about it, and I told him I would knock off £50, but he hasn't committed yet, so if you're quick you can still get it!