could i get a bit of advice here, i have an ibanez guitar with a floating bridge, i dont really wana get rid of this guitar as i like the feel of it, comfortable to play yea. would i be able to get it in shop and have a fixed bridge? i dont really want this floating bridge anymore as i never use it much yea.
It's probably going to cost more to put a fixed bridge on it than it's worth. If you don't want a trem, just block the trem by cutting a piece of wood and sticking in the trem cavity so it can't move. Costs basically nothing other than a little elbow grease to cut the piece of wood. Otherwise you can always buy something like a tremblocker or tremel-no (around $30-50) and install it so it acts like a fixed bridge.
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the idea was to save getting new guitar, i honestly thought it would be a cheaper way yea. my floating thing has a deep cut yea it wobbles alot lol its like what joe satriani and steve vai has, not sure what u call this floating bridge thing but my guitar is an ibanez 350ex and was about 300pounds to buy.