hi there,
my friend recently bought an ATV150 head and has got two 100watt 8ohm 2X12s to run it through, now as the amp is 150 watts he thinks that this would blow the speakers where as i believe that it will only give each cab 75 watts. he would be using the two 8ohm outputs on the back of the amp for the two cabs.

anyone wanna set us streight.

cheers, charlie.

The AVT 275 is stereo, the 150 isn't.

However, either way the speakers will handle 200 watts, it's safe.
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he says that it has a 4 ohm and an 8 ohm output but when you plug something into the 8 the 4 becomes another 8. lol, should we just use the 8 and dasy chain the cabs to get enough wattage then.