Well, I got a new guitar, Schecter Omen 6 and I've been play alot of metal. I'm struggling a little bit with parts like this.

E |---------------------------------|
B |---------------------------------|
B |-00----0-----00---0-----00-------|

I can't alternate quickly enough for it to sound good, are there any techniques to help me master these?
practise. And alternate picking (pick up and down rather than just down).
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me too but after practicing a bit ur alt picking gets better...i use it for songs tht are slow and fast i use down picking but i think it would help both of us if we alt pick
I don't know any songs in that tuning lol....

But get alternative picking down man...its almost a must for playing metal...if that's what your trying to do
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It doesn't have to be in that tuning, I just want something to practise alternative picking on.
Just practice the sequence over and over again slowly, then when it gets easier, play it faster, you should have it down in like a day.
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Play some parkway drive with alternate picking.

This, if you're looking for songs in that tuning. Most metalcore is in Drop C, but Parkway is in Drop B. Riffs like that, by the way, are downpicked, not alternate picked. You can do it either way, but in metalcore most riffs that aren't at a crazy tempo like 240+ are downpicked, because downpicking gives it a 'heavier' sound.
just keep playing it at slower speeds, and speed will come naturally
Okay, I've got that riff pretty much down which I posted. I just want to prepare myself for when I go in a band.
You could try basically any song by Amon Amarth. Most of their riffs are like what you posted and are pretty brutal sounding in my eyes

Try The Hero first or Pursuit of Vikings first.
Also try songs from As I Lay Dying, some I like are:

An Ocean Between Us ( really fast downpicking... 224 bpm 8th notes )
Nothing Left
The Sound of Truth ( good for working on inside/outside alt. picking )
Bury Us All