I am changing my style from rock to metal and im off th quite the rocky start. i was wondering if there are any tips, hints, or techniques that i can use to pick up my speed and hieghten my sense of control? Please post anything will help. Thank you
Palm muting, tremelo picking, just to name a few
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Start out playing some Metallica riffs to get a tight rhythm, and practice lots of different styles of picking along with a metronome e.g. downpicking, alternate. Something that isn't really metal but helped me with my rhythm is Dick Dale's Miserlou, cos you really need to get the picking tight and constant for that and you can't hide your mistakes behind the distortion. Try learning lots of solos starting out easy, and soon you'll pretty much just subconsciously pick up the techniques used by metal guitarists.
yep yep metallica is one of the best bands to set up a metal foundation. but just try and listen to a lot of thrash metal. thrash gave rise to pretty much every type of popular metal today. a good way to get more speed is to relax and stop tryin to play shot so fast. it sounds weird but when u try harder you tend to try too hard and get fatigued easy. when you relax it will all just flow out.
For metal.

I'll name a few techniques you should be aware of.

Tremolo Picking
Pinch Harmonics
Sweep Picking

[Not a technique but...]
Practice your pinky a lot, because metal songs require you to use all four fingers Rapidly.

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Start off with metallica, easy power chord driven riffs to hard galloping riffs (battery and the four horsemen), from easy solos (the unforgiven, nothing else matters), to damage inc., ozzy/sabbath are two good bands to try, i also suggest iron maiden for riffs, i generally think there solos are easier but it's preference.
Take "Eye of the Beholder" by metallica, start off on a slow rhythm, and gradually speed it up

you're well on your way.
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Van halen!!....well its not really "metal" but most metal techniques were born (or at least popularized) from van halen

Skip metallica (please!! :p )and go to ozzy...the riffs on blizzard are pretty basic and you've prolly heard then a million times already

Just my 2 cents...
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One of the most important things in metal playing IMO is TIGHT alternate picking. T-I-G-H-T.
Practice with a metronome to improve sense of timing. In metal riffs, the triplet groove(aka "the gallop") for example is very common-3 palm muted alt picked notes followed by one blank note. You cannot afford to hit any string by mistake in that blank note gap, that'll fck up the groove. A good example is in the verse riff of The Trooper by Iron Maiden...in fact that's where I learnt it from.
Your rhythm playing has to be TIGHT. Metallica-Disposable Heroes, Testament-just about any song, Annihilator....I can go on forever...
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Palm Muting and total control of picking with a metronome. Practice alternate picking as well as all down strokes and the usual basics (scales & scale shapes, pentatonics, power chords etc...). Metallica or Randy Rhoads are good places to start, but whatever you like playing just slow it down and play it clean and have fun with it!
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thank you everyone, i have started playing metallica and can play several songs now
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thank you everyone, i have started playing metallica and can play several songs now

Once Metallica starts to feal easy to play try out some Pantera....to me they would be the next step as far as technique goes. And they are just way more bad ass than Metallica
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actually i did star on pantera and i have successfully learned This Love

Awesome, maybe start on something....such as Domination or CFH or The Art of Shredding. Those will get you to the next level
Jackson RR24M - EMG ALX w/ ABQ installed
Ibanez Xiphos - stock
LTD Alexi 600 - stock
Ibanex RG - Tone Zone(bridge), PAF Pro(neck)
Blackstar HT-20H
Fulltone OCD
MXR 10 Band EQ
^Yeah. Pantera. Whilst Dime wasn't the most technical he was a HELL of a lot better than most metal guitarists out there nowadays. There's a video of him and Kerry King and as much as i love Slayer he puts King to shame. You can just tell he was so much more relaxed and natural. Plus he had a blues background and his riffs were a tad unorthodox. If you want to get into really technical metal check out Decapitated or Necrophagist. Hard. I can play some Gilbert and Satch stuff but not the death metal shít.
In metal, your right hand is very important. Especially when you're playing rhythm. What I would do is just sit and play an open note as fast as I could without losing control. I would make different patterns too and do galloping. It's also good to learn to palm mute accurately. I see a lot of people who lift their hand after every palm mute but its a lot easiser if you learn to control your muting as well. For example, you should be able to mute the E string without muting the A. Your left hand is important too. Do a lot of finger exercises to stength both of your hands.
Metal is less about "expression" and "putting your heart into it" and more about speed and accuracy. So yeah. You will need to practice your technique a LOT and being able to alternate pick smoothly is very important. Power chords are also used a lot in metal but they're easy to learn. But whatever you're practicing start slowly and don't tense your muscles, be relaxed.
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I also want to say that you could try to practice playing things with all down picks to give it a heavier sound. Although some people can do this by alternate picking, I find it a lot easier to do it with all downstrokes. Whatever you prefer though.
Soloing in rock and metal aren't really that different. In fact, hearing hardcore-thrashy riffs and then a blues influenced but fast solo sounds really really awesome
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